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Top 10 reason why accounting professional use QuickBooks

QuickBooks is financial accounting software developed by Intuit Inc.’s to manage payroll, inventory sales and other needs of a small and mid-sized business. The software has built in with advance feature including marketing tools, merchant services, training solution, product and supplies. All features are designed according to different businesses and their needs. Intuit offer industry specific version of QuickBooks such as QuickBooks ProQuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise editions and release new version of QuickBooks every year, each version of the QuickBooks software offers different features to meet the specific needs of your business. The QuickBooks product also available in two other country Canada and UK. Here are the top 10 reasons why should be using the QuickBooks to financial purpose……

1.QuickBooks have designed to facilitate accounting team and allow them to save their time on bookkeeping and paperwork because most of the accounting task are handled automatically making it easier to run their business.
2.With QuickBooks you can easily generate the reports with the information according to your needs.
3. The accounting software is available in affordable price you can use it and save the money because m

any accounting features are automated in QuickBooks. The desktop version of QuickBooks is really one of the great bargains in business.
4.QuickBooks is more flexible software. It works for one user as well as businesses with multiple users. QuickBooks also has many add-ons available for specialized businesses such as Retailers, Health Care Professional, contractor and Non- Profit organizations.
5. It is reliable, stable and extensive software wherever a lot of businesses throughout the world have chosen the QuickBooks software as per their requirement. Once you choose the application you will always feel more comfortable working on accounting entries.
6.QuickBooks can save your time because it can share information with over 100 businesses application including MS World, Excel, Outlook and ACT. QuickBooks not only save time with you, it also can reduce the risk of errors since the software handles the work for you.
7.With QuickBooks you do not need to spend money on envelopes, stamps or paper checks to send the invoices. You can integrate QuickBooks with your bank account and handle all of your billing online.
8.With QuickBooks merchant account you can easily accept the Credit Cards. QB Merchant account Services is the credit card acceptance service integrated with QuickBooks software. Using QuickBooks user can download banking and credit card transactions details; QuickBooks keeps your record up to date. You or your other user can use Visa, American Express or Master Card.
9.QuickBooks online payment system provides you a better and faster service. Your customer can easily pay you with a credit card or through bank account transfer. With QuickBooks software you do not need to wait for cheque or cash.
10.You can change colors on your QuickBooks desktop, and add your custom logo to estimates and invoices, design custom forms with free backgrounds available from its online library.


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