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What’s the Difference Between QuickBooks Hosting and Quicken Hosting?

Both QuickBooks and Quicken are two of the most popular accounting software on the market. They have been developed by the same company, Intuit, which is the biggest name in accounting applications. Millions of people around the world trust Intuit products.

The best way to access these software applications is through the cloud. QuickBooks Hosting and Quicken Hosting are very popular. We have tens of thousands of people around the world who subscribe to our Hosted QuickBooks and Hosted Quickens solutions.

But there is a lot of confusion over the difference between Quicken Hosting and QuickBooks Hosting. How do they differ from each other? How to know which of the two software applications to choose? The fact is the market for both Quicken and QuickBooks is massive, and since they both have such similar names, with the prefix “Quick” attached to them, there is an obvious reason for the confusion.

 As a matter of fact Quicken was released to the market by Intuit much earlier than QuickBooks. This is something not many people know about since QuickBooks is clearly the most successful software of the two.

 They are both popular accounting solutions that have met with great success. However, choosing one among the two applications is not as difficult as it sounds. Let’s quickly analyse the two popular accounting applications so that you will know which among them would suit you more.

Quicken Cloud

Quicken has been around since 1983. So that makes it a 34 year old software. That is as old as it gets in the industry, which makes the fact that it is still popular today really astonishing. It is essentially a “personal finance management tool”, which means it helps you manage your finances.

Quicken makes use of a single-entry accounting system and is more suitable for personal accounting requirements. It is used for tracking and listing of all financial transactions and allows you to handle your finances with ease.

Quicken is no longer a part of Intuit. It was sold by the company to H.I.G. Capital in 2016. But it will always be associated with the Intuit brand.

QuickBooks Cloud

QuickBooks is a hugely popular accounting solution that has been the #1 accounting software for small and midsized businesses, CPA firms and accountants since 1998, when it was first introduced. QuickBooks is capable of meeting your complex accounting requirements.

The software is loaded with a number of great features that allow you to manage payrolls, prepare taxes and streamline all of your accounting operations. QuickBooks dominates the business accounting market and is the preferred solution used by over 85 percent of small and midsized businesses in the United States.

So clearly, QuickBooks and Quicken are not the same thing. Quicken is more suitable for managing personal finance for individuals while QuickBooks is ideal for business accounting for businesses, CPA firms and accountants.

We provide both Quicken Hosting and QuickBooksHosting. Contact us for a free test drive on any of our plans.

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